Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Van Norton Family Foundation for 2022-2024.

Heather Manthey


Heather Manthey is one of the founding members of the Van Norton Family Foundation, grand-daughter of Howard Van Norton, and daughter of Kay Van Norton. Her interest in establishing a family foundation stems from gratitude for the privileged position Kay Van Norton and her husband Gregory Poche have created in she and her husband’s personal lives. Not having children of their own, the Mantheys are keenly interested in advancing the interests of children in many areas. Their personal giving has supported families with children with life-threatening diseases, helping kids get to their national robotics competition, and supporting youth orchestras.

Additionally, Heather’s own passion for volunteering in the helping fields has put her in a position to see the financial needs in organizations such as Community Hospice, the Saratoga Children’s Committee, and the Capital District YMCA in New York State.

It is Heather’s belief that this newly formed Foundation will be able to contribute greatly to many outstanding not-for-profit organizations across our nation multiplying the effect of individual giving! It is her fondest wish that this Foundation will be embraced by the next generation in the family and by others who have benefited from the loving generosity of Howard and Kay Van Norton, and that we, the founding members of VNFF, will do our best to make them proud!

David Manthey


David was raised believing that it is one’s duty and privilege to share knowledge, skills, and resources with others. He has had numerous role models who demonstrated this by giving selflessly of their time: a mother who spent countless hours to enable students to succeed in their chosen paths, a father who felt knowledge was a something to be discovered and shared, a high-school mentor who saw the good in all people and helped them excel physically and emotionally. David was encouraged in the musical and visual arts, engineering and mathematical disciplines, and physical and mental development. He firmly believes that providing these opportunities to others not only helps them, but also improves society as a whole. David found a kindred spirit in Heather and more role models in her family, and is delighted to be able to continue the tradition of helping others.

Gerald Kohlbeck


At the age of eleven, Gerald was accepted into The Colorado Children’s Chorale, touring theatrically and performing in local theatres. Growing up in a modest environment, he was afforded the ability and luxury to explore his passion for the arts through the generosity and donations of others. He went on to study theatre at Chapman University, again via grants and other financial aid. Now living in New York City, he feels it is most important to support our youth and to help in providing them the same opportunities which he was gifted. Being forever a child at heart and having a passion for today’s youth, he is thrilled to be a board member of The Van Norton Family Foundation and to be enriching the lives of others with opportunities they might not otherwise have.

Jonathan Washbrook-Kaldor

Beginning his musical career in the UK and now residing in New York City, Jonathan was twice the recipient of generous grants from the Arts Council of England. The early assistance not only gave him his start in musical theatre and paved the way for his productions in London and New York, but also helped many of the other young people involved. For some, it was the beginning of a career, and for others it was simply the enjoyment of acting, singing and having a way to express themselves through the arts. With this first-hand experience and appreciation for charitable organizations that aim to enrich the lives of young people looking to explore the arts, Jonathan is delighted to join the board of the Van Norton Family Foundation.

Andrea Bacon

A lifetime of volunteer work with small but varied organizations across the globe has demonstrated a consistent truth to Andrea, above all others: that one person really does have the power to make a difference. The mission of the Van Norton Family Foundation will enable other non-profits to keep making big differences in their own communities, and that core alignment means it is an absolute pleasure for her to join its board. Outside of charity involvement, Andrea has a background in music, a new hobby in art, and works full-time as a financial analyst in the private sector. She is also the proud mom of two boys.